Finding your wedding inspiration

I think we’ve all fallen into the Pinterest hole more than a few times. We see beautiful clothes that we pin for an event that we don’t have, or plans for a tiny house that we will never build. I call this digital clutter. Digital clutter to me means over saturating my brain with design, so much so that it actually hurts my creative process. Getting inspired by design is wonderful, but the slippery slope of ripping off work is a real phenomenon, and often isn’t at all intentional. The only way to avoid unintentional design plagiarism, in my opinion is to find inspiration in the form of a mood board.

Building a mood board is a simple task that can be done digitally or in a physical form. Building a boards begins with collection of photography, textiles, font references and any other visual asset you find aesthetically pleasing for you or your clients event. It doesn’t have to be laid out perfectly, but it should be carefully curated to provide a clear canvas to start the suite design process. This will also provide a reference for the final design, and allow you to maintain the desired aesthetic.

Happy pinning!


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